Mind your own life

People have the attitude of ‘complaining’ about their lives. We, particularly those who are not contented are likely to dream to have someone else’s life in which I think was not a good idea.

I, personally experienced a lot of heartbreaking events in my entire life. I faced a number of rejections and failures by now. Some were not really good to be remembered. Honestly, it’s really not easy to deal with life. There are some who would tell you that ‘you’re the one who can control your life’. BUT the thing is that it cannot be apply everytime. That’s why I once have the idea of dreaming someone else’s life. I kinda think of “what would happen if I was her?” Or like “she’s always happy, why can’t I?”. When I got depressed, I always look at someone’s life and compare it to mine. Without knowing that It could only get me more depressed.

Until I realized, this was not helping. I could get myself worse. Even if I don’t have the power to control the situation, I still have to do something. That’s when I think about fighting my depression.

‘We can never actually control the situations that may happen in our life, but we can decide on how we react on it.’

You don’t need to think of having someone else’s life when you can make your own life much better. If you can’t help but comparing your life to others, that’s okay. Just admire them, because you’re the only one who will decide how you react. It may motivates you or not. If you can handle your reactions, then it could be a great way to make a good decision that will lead to a better life. That is when you will become grateful on what you have. You just need to improve it and work for it.

When things are tough

no matter how it breaks you down

Always remember to still be grateful for the little things, it will help you gain confidence to go on and it distracts you from being demotivated.


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First Entry

Today I flip another page

With the feeling I want to change

Dedication and persistence

I may not know it’s consequences

But what else can I do?

I want to do something new

I’m a risk-taker

And this thing I know will make my life much better